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Szklarska Por?ba by two Wheels

Everyone, who tasted mountain bicycle tourism, is assured of assets of this form of active rest. Traversing mountain routes on bicycle gives us possibility to cover larger distances than by walking, gives us the feeling of space and freedom, rises our adrenaline level and causes lots of positive emotions.
Szklarska Por?ba is evolving its offer for bikers. Szklarska Por?ba aspires to be "Bicycle capital of Poland". In 2001 first 12 bicycle routes of combined length of 278,3km around Szklarska Por?ba were made available for use. It was beginning...Due to the great need for this form of active rest, length and range of routes is growing each year.
Bicycle routes run through scenic roads of Karkonosze and Góry Izerskie, only partially running by wheel roads, so that after leaving center of town you can quickly ride through forest roads. All routes are looped, so you can join them and each will lead you to the starting point. Traversing mountain routes on two wheels gives you great satisfaction and unforgettable memories. We offer easy routes, for beginners and very hard routes which pump up adrenaline. Especially beautiful bicycle routs run through Góry Izerskie.
When you ride on the side of Czarna Góra or Wysoki Kamie? and you will get to the peak of Góry Izerskie, then you will see the beauty of Karkonosze and its mountain range.
Szklarska Por?ba is town friendly to bikers. There are lots of bike rental places, repair points and shops with accessories. Town is just perfect for sightseeing trips into polish and Czech parts of Karkonosze and Góry Izerskie and its tourist towns on both sides of the border. Bicycle routes of Szklarska Por?ba joins with routs from Harrachova surrounding area.

Single Track

Route details
Route name: Zaj?cznik– Nad Czerniaw?
Place of beginning: Czerniawa or Zaj?cznik border
Length of route: 20km
Time of completion: 2h
Difficulty: 2/6
Longest approach: 0,2km
Approach, average gradient: 7%
Longest ramp: 1,5km
Ramp,average gradient: 6%
Ramp, max gradient: 12%
Highest point: 710 m a.s.l
Lowest point:530 m a.s.l
The beginning for Singletreck route is placed at border crossing in Czerniawa, 5 km form ?wiedawa-Zdrój's center. There's a big car parking, so there will be no problems with parking your car.
Signage of the route is very good from the very beginning. Route runs near gondola lift, on Zaj?cze and around Czerniawska Kopa. Paths are one meter wide and run between trees and forest glades. At more difficult places, bridges, catwalks and passages were built. There is slight gradient at almost whole route ( never more than 5 % ) and that's why Singletrack is perfect for all bikers. Paths are 40km long on polish side and join with paths on Czech side (also 40km long ). Each route is one way, but there are places where you can outrun slower bikers.
Ride on Singletrack is pure pleasure. It does not require good constitution, only good technique .Although technique is not important if you ride slowly. Singletrack is worth of recommendation to all bikers no matter their age and skills.

Hiking trails of Karkonosze and Góry Izerskie

Hiking has a few hundred years of tradition in our mountains.
West part of Sudety is a region with a very good tourist infrastructure. Web of hiking trails, leading from one attraction to another, from one mountain lounge to another, creates very friendly atmosphere for mountain wayfaring not only for experienced footmen.
Through Góry Izerskie and Karkonosze runs G?ówny Szlak Sudecki GSS (Main Trail of Sudety) named after Mieczys?aw Or?owicz, it is colored red and it begins in ?wieradów Zdrój and after running through whole Sudety ( around 350km ) it ends in Paczków. Other trails are colored green, yellow, blue and black, those are connecting walking trails or versions of GSS.
Moreover in Szklarska Por?ba there are themed tourist trails. Durning which you can get to know history, culture, tradition and beliefs of bygone Karkonosze and Góry Izerskie.
We invite you to hike around Szklarska Por?ba and discover our greatest attractions. Get to know kingdom of Karkonosz on trail of Magiczny Szlak Ducha Gór ( Magic trail of Mountains Spirit), find precious treasures of Szlak Walo?ski and spend great time walking with trifles of Du?a Sztaudyngerowska Trasa Turystyczna .
On the other hand, all nature enthusiasts we invite to walk the nature paths of Karkonoski Park Narodowy ( National Park ).
We also recommend: attractions and monuments
Extreme Sports
Ropes Course is placed at town park in center, near Obro?ców Pokoju street.
There are two rope courses with different difficulty.
First is green, with obstacles on 4-10 m high.
Second is red with higher difficulty. Obstacles are installed 6-18m above the ground. There are 26 stations to conquer with combined length of 400m.
Open: 10:00 am till dusk
One Rope Course
-full-fare ticket -25z?, reduced-fare ( children up to 13 years -20z?, course with instructor +25z?
-groups >10 persons : full fare ticket 20z?, reduced-fare 15z?
-firm groups- individual price
Two Ropes Courses
-full-fare ticket-40z?, reduced-fare 35z?,course with instructor +40z?
-groups>10 persons: full-fare ticket 35z?,reduced-fare 30z?
-firm groups-individual price


Szklarska Por?ba is biggest skiing center in polish Karkonosze and one of the biggest in Sudety. For devotees of white madness there are almost 15km of ski trails and 20 ski lifts.Most of them at the slopes of Szrenica.
Ski arena Szrenica offers more than 12km of ski runs. Since 2011/2012 they are widened and 100% clear of snow. There are 3 chair lifts and 4 ski tows .In 2010 new lift was set in motion "Karkonosz- Express". This "six person couch" is the longest lift of this type in Poland. It takes only eight and half minute to travel 2,4km to the top. In one hour almost 2 thousand people can get to the top. More about new lift...
At Szrenica's slopes there are 5 ski trails of combined length of over 12km.Trails are prepared for skiers of various skill level. Everybody will find something suitable for him.
Most exiting for seasoned skiers trail is FIS or Wall, which pitch is 50% in some places.
Longest trail- Lolobrygida is more than 4400m long.
Known, liked and rather easy "Puchatek" ( Winnie the Pooh) offers night rides till 22:00.
Moreover there are many ski runs in Szklarska Por?ba and on a route to Polana Jakuszycka (Wiciarka).
Perfect weather, comparable to weather in Alps, allows snow to last to early spring. Northern slopes of Szrynica make skiing possible even in april despite high temperature and sun.
Szklarska Por?ba allows you to easily plan your relaxation not only in winter season, but also at the end of winter and beginning of the spring with guarantee of snow.
March schuss is popular among many people who plan to ski in the rays of spring sun.


Classical skiing

Szklarska Por?ba will be hosting Classical skiing World Cup again in 2014!
Szklarska Por?ba is center of active rest. Regardless of season you can engage in sports and have fun. Winter is not only ski runs or snowboard, but also cross-country skiing.
Classical skiing is again popular among aficionados of white madness. Year by year more and more people are convinced to cross- country skiing, and to do that you don't have to be professional.
All you need to do is to find Szklarska Por?ba and Polana Jakuszycka in Góry Izerskie on map, and have a little free time. It is a legendary place where you can practice cross-country skiing with ease.
Cross-country skiing trails are about 100km long, all of them are connected in a shape of a clover and give you the possibility to choose your trails according to your needs, some of trails have FIS homologation and snow is thick till late spring.
You can also rent all necessary skiing equipment with the help of trained professionals.
Rentals, shops, food outlets and bathrooms are placed on Polana Jakuszycka and near main road in Jakuszyce.
For more than 30 years Szklarska Por?ba is hosting great classical skiing festival- Bieg Piastów.
Since it's beginning ,festival is connected with person of Julian Gozdowski- arranger and chairman of Stowarzyszenie Biegu Piastów.
In 2010 during Gala Mistrzów Sportu Julian Gozdowski recived prestige award in Best Festival Category. Since 13th June 2008 Bieg Piastów is member of WorldLoppet (Worldloppet Ski Federation).
Amazing atmosphere of Góry Izerskie is especially strong in Polana Jakuszycka vicinity. One of the competitors in cross-country skiing tournament, organized at this terrain was World Cup Champion-Justyna Kowalczyk, who was very impressed by this place and its trails..."it is the only place in Poland where you can organize cross-country skiing festivals of best standards. It is perfect training base with great weather and snow".
On trails in Szklarska Por?ba professionals and amateurs train side by side. You can also meet vice-champion in mountain cycling- Maja W?oszczowska.
Cult trail through "Plain", picturesque valley of Izera river, legendary Osada Orle, mountain shelter Chatka Górzystów, are only part of magical places in Góry Izerskie.

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